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Modern Day Psalms #1

My daughters wrote the psalms I will be sharing this week as part of their creative writing in school.  Enjoy this first one from Morgan, age 12.   Shout unto the Lord, he has done great things. From the day … Continue reading

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Sin in my heart, but forgiven by grace

I have been contemplating sin lately and how much I coddle it and excuse it.  Let me give an abstract example in my life.  Frequently, I will excuse away a sinful tendency in my life with the statement, “I didn’t … Continue reading

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I’m a new papa

Just a few minutes ago I received word that the Ethiopian courts approved our adoption petition for 2 girls. I am now the proud father of 5 girls and 2 boys.  What an exciting day it is.  We will be … Continue reading

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The Manhattan Declaration

There is a great declaration related to the sanctity of Life, Marriage and religious liberty which has recently been published.  it is called the Manhattan Declaration and you can read it here.  I signed on tonight and encourage you to … Continue reading

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My prayer retreat

I have returned to my normal life – work, children, house needing repair, to it all.  But I return with a sense of peace in my soul.  Silence, solitude and prayer are the best way for me to reorient life … Continue reading

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Reflection on the Gospel and bondage

The last few posts have been rather personal as I have been reflecting on my own life in Christ. This morning I took 3 hours to pray and quietly think about life and God’s plans for me. As a pastor … Continue reading

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Growing in my Ability to Relate to Others

I have never been a great enthusiast of psychology, counseling or personality tests. I have taken numerous tests for mission boards, employers, etc. I am an INTJ on the Meyers-Briggs, an Equipping-Releaser on the Grip-Birkman, a D on the DISC. … Continue reading

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Does Saul’s rejection apply to me?

If I were to tell you the story of a man who knew God’s will and yet struggled to implement it into his life, whose heart wasn’t in God’s ways and who merely went through the motions, you might identify. … Continue reading

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