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Steps to seeking God’s wisdom

We have all been in situations where we desperately needed the wisdom of God.  R.A. Torrey, on pages 164-168 of his book The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit gives some wonderful and practical advise on praying for wisdom according … Continue reading

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Rev 7 Security for the Saints – Thank the Lord!

On this Thanksgiving day, we have much to be thankful for, sure there are the homes we live in, the cars we drive, the food we eat, the health we enjoy etc. but aren’t the most thankful people, in your … Continue reading

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Revelation 4-5 The Heavenly Throne and the Worthy Christ

The thrones of monarchs are fascinating.  Take for instance this pair of thrones from Lisbon, Portugal. Velvet brocade, gold and intricate carvings mark these thrones off from the ordinary chair. This Russian throne is even more ornate than its Portuguese … Continue reading

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Revelation 3;14-22 Trust in Christ – Laodicea

With every child I have had, there has always been the fated day when they were standing up high on a ledge and I was trying to coax them to jump off and trust me to catch them. Some of … Continue reading

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Rev 3;7-13 Christ the Holy, True Kingdom Door – Philadelphia

  We are on the sixth of the seven churches today.  So far five of the churches have been in need of some serious correction and only Smyrna has been declared a faithful body.  As we meet the church of … Continue reading

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Revelation 3;1-6 Sardis: A Remedy for Spiritual Death

Today we meet the fifth church in our series of the seven churches of Revelation.  Remembering that these seven churches are a picture of the church universal throughout time and space, we have encountered churches struggling in the midst of … Continue reading

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