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An Image of Humility through Film

I watched The Inheritance last night with my wife.  It is a Louisa May Alcott’s story that was set to film in 1997.  Though obviosly a romance movie, I was struck by the image of humility portrayed on the screen, and … Continue reading

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Tortured for His Faith – the Life of Haralan Popov

Tortured.  Imprisoned for 13 years.  Beaten. Starved.  Ridiculed.  Psychologically abused.  This sounds like the makings of a strange horror film, and truly there is much horrific in these words.  But by God’s grace Haralan Popov lived through this experience in … Continue reading

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A Retelling of the Job Narrative?

I recently completed Oliver Goldsmith’s The Vicar of Wakefield.  I thoroughly enjoyed this 17th century novel that was Andrew Jackson’s favorite.  (He kept a copy with him all the time.) In the story, a wealthy english Vicar…

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Suicide as sinful?

The concept of suicide being a sin has been with the church for millenia.  But where did it come from?  (Note: this is not a theological study, but a historical brief.)  In reading City of God, Augustine lays out the … Continue reading

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How do you view the Old Testament?

Our view of the Old Testament affects our understanding of its message.  Throughout history there have been 3 main ways people have viewed the Old Testament work.  To some it is seen as non-Christian text, to others it is a … Continue reading

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Andrew Jackson on Central Banks

I just finished American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House by Jon Meacham.  What a wonderfully written book chronicling the contentious Andrew Jackson and his self identified concept of America and the presidency.  As I read I found myself … Continue reading

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Final Thoughts on Baxter’s The Godly Home

I finished The Godly Home today and my overarching thought is Baxter saw the centrality of Christ in everything related to home life.  He was concerned to see Christ exalted in our marriages, our children and our families and so … Continue reading

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Motives for managing our families well

Here are more notes from Richard Baxter on what should motivate us to manage our families well and train them up in Christ.1. When we govern our families well, this is a major part of God’s government of the world. … Continue reading

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Family prayer Times

Should families pray together?  Of course, we answer, but why?  Simply stated, because all churches ought to pray to God and praise him and a Christian family is a church…a society of Christians gathered for the worshipping and serving of God … Continue reading

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On missionary dating

We have all heard this before: I know they will be converted.  God can call them if he will;  if i just love them and share God with them we can marry and he or she will become a believer … Continue reading

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