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The girls baptism

Our daughters were baptized on Sunday.  In the reformed tradition, we believe that God’s promises are for us and our children, and that baptism is a sign that he will be at work in their lives calling them into covenant … Continue reading

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Thrilled with Butter Beans

Have you ever thought you struck it rich when you found a….butter bean in your soup bowl?  Tonight, both our Ethiopian girls were thrilled with their multi-bean soup.  They were eating away, until suddenly they stopped and gave giggles of … Continue reading

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Baptism and Adoption Liturgy

Mark Ruiter modified this liturgy from the CRC Grey Psalter Hymnal to relate baptism and adoption together.  We used this liturgy on April 18, 2010 to baptize Amariah Ruiter and GraceLynn and FaithAnne Roberts.  Feel free to use it or … Continue reading

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Excited over the little things

Today is Easter Sunday.  this morning my new girls came into our room after getting dressed. They were excited about their new dress.  They showed everything – the sweater, the shoes, the bow, it was all so exciting and they … Continue reading

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The Ethiopian Church

An Ethiopian Eunuch, the Queen of Sheba, Cush, and other references are plentiful in the Scriptures.  Ethiopia is a land rich in Bible history and Christian history and that is what we found as we traveled through the country last … Continue reading

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Our first time meeting the Girls

This is my first shot at doing my own video.  This is from the first few moments of meeting our girls.  I will upload a few other videos of our travels in the coming day. you can view the file … Continue reading

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Yemrehanna Kristos church, Bilbilla

While in Ethiopia we saw some really cool churches.  This one was built under an overhang.  It is an example of Ethiopian Cave Churches.  The exterior block wall in the first picture was added in the past few years for … Continue reading

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How did God do that?

How did God do that?  I found myself asking that question over and over again on our trip.  One such occasion was in Awassa.  Jen and I received the opportunity of meeting with our daughters’ birth mother.  For 20 minutes … Continue reading

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I’m a new papa

Just a few minutes ago I received word that the Ethiopian courts approved our adoption petition for 2 girls. I am now the proud father of 5 girls and 2 boys.  What an exciting day it is.  We will be … Continue reading

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Where’s Jesus? the story of Moses striking the rock, again (Numbers 20:10-12)

Do you remember the Where’s Waldo books?  On each and every page, Waldo is hidden in the picture.  Such is the case with the Scriptures. In each and every story, Jesus is present, either literally or in a prefigured state.  Such … Continue reading

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