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Support Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan

Act in the case of Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan and her baby and toddler in prison. We strongly urge the administration to take action in the case of Dr. Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese mother who with her toddler and newborn … Continue reading

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Too many chiefs: and the need for Submission in the Christian life

  Submission is a dirty word in America. We are a people who threw off the yoke of aristocracy in order to become a people where everyman is his own king. The only problem with that idea is that many … Continue reading

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On Living for God

“Two themes came to preoccupy my thoughts. First, the conviction that no man can do properly what he is called upon to do in this life unless he can learn to forget his ego and act as an instrument of … Continue reading

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Israeli crimes against Tent of Nations

Israeli forces destroy 1,500 fruit trees near Bethlehem Submitted by Ben White on Tue, 05/20/2014 – 07:22 Mobile phone images show the Tent of Nations before and after it was attacked by Israeli forces (Facebook). tentofnations.jpgIsraeli forces destroyed an … Continue reading

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