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Gospel: Proclamation or works?

Many in our world are increasingly arguing that the good news is both works and proclamation.  I, myself, have even argued such things, however there has been a growing uneasiness in my soul over this expansion of the gospel.  Maybe, … Continue reading

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Telling our children about God’s wondrous deeds

I was reading through the Psalter Hymnal recently and ran across this song: Let Children hear the Mighty Deeds Let children hear the mighty deeds which God performed of old, which in our younger years we hard, and which our parents … Continue reading

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Blessings from Suffering

Richard Wurmbrand testifies to how one persecuted woman brought her interogator to Christ in a Romanian jail.  I ran across this video while preparing a sermon on Micah 4:13, truly this woman epitomizes the truth, “You will devote their ill … Continue reading

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The Manhattan Declaration

There is a great declaration related to the sanctity of Life, Marriage and religious liberty which has recently been published.  it is called the Manhattan Declaration and you can read it here.  I signed on tonight and encourage you to … Continue reading

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Doug Stringer and relational equity

“The seed is always sown for the a future harvest…and the degree of return you get is based on the level of investment you make…”  This sounds like an economics lecture, but in truth I just returned from a wonderful … Continue reading

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