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Rev 12:1-9 Our Christmas Hope

NOTE:  I have been delinquent in posting things the past few weeks.  My congregation was very gracious and granted me a series of sundays to simply come and worship without being responsible for leading or preaching.  Today is my first … Continue reading

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Genesis 37-50 Joseph, A Christmas Eve Homily

For some time we have been studying Genesis and this Advent season we have looked at various reasons why Jesus Christ had to be born into this world from the need to find the Bride of Christ to the fact … Continue reading

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Christ to crush the serpent’s head – Gen 3:14-15

 Merry Christmas.  The Savior is come.  The King of Kings, the prince of peace, the Mighty God is with us. This advent season we have been exploring the promised children of Scripture.  We have looked at Abraham’s promised child, Isaac; we … Continue reading

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