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Choirmaster’s pitch pipe and life

We are like members of a choir which is singing together unaccompanied; possibly we do not know each other very well, and we are not used to singing together. Gradually, though we do not hear it, we drop lower and … Continue reading

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Rev 22:1-6 The Water of Life

Every good garden makes use of 4 things well Water features Trees Harness Light in ways that illuminate Bring blessing, life

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Christian Healthcare Anyone?

Imagine a major medical expense that threatens to drain your bank account. Your copay or deductible is $3000, $5000 or more. The insurance bills have paid a big portion but you are still left with a substantial cost. No imagine … Continue reading

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Revelation 22:1-6 The Garden

There are points of similarity and contrast in the Gardens of Revelation 22 and Genesis 1-2. The points of similarity are as follows: Both Gardens with are watered by a river – Gen 2:10 and Rev 22:1 Both contain the … Continue reading

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A Prayer for Christ’s Supremacy in my life

I offer myself unto Christ the Lord, as an object proper for all His offices to be exercised upon: I choose Him as my prophet for instruction, illumination, and direction. I embrace Him as my great priest, to be washed … Continue reading

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Rev 21 The Home we long for – New Jerusalem

  Imagine your dream home The Home we long for i.     Relational and sinless – New Covenant in Christ’s blood – 1Cor 11:25 ii.     Spirit empowered and victorious – New Covenant of Spirit who gives life, not of the letter … Continue reading

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Rev 19:11-20:15 Living in the Victory

As we begin to wind down the book of Revelation, there are a number of threads we need to see masterfully woven together if this story is going to be complete and meaningful to the Christian.  So far in revelation … Continue reading

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