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Storing up Treasure, Part 2

Part 1 can be read here Last week, we spoke about the risks and the benefits of storing up treasures both in this world and in the next. This week we are going to speak about what real treasure is, … Continue reading

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Matthew 18:1-35 The Key to Christian Living

Think about a fellow Christian in your church with whom you struggle. What character quality would make life easier, more enjoyable and breed the greatest amount of success for improving the harmony of that relationship?  Now consider a Christian in … Continue reading

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Matthew 1:21-23 Jesus is our Savior (HC 29-30)

Last Wednesday, we celebrated the 4th of July.  That great day of BBQ’s, fireworks and the commemoration of our national freedom and independence.  Because of the holiday, I took time to read some sermons that men preached early in our … Continue reading

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Look to His Work, Jesus is the Messiah (Matthew 11:1-6 Easter 2012)

Have you ever been so certain of the path you were to take that you started moving forward only to have questions and doubts arise later?  That seems to be my universal experience.  Often in my life, whether it is … Continue reading

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Jesus the Lord of Creation (Matt 8:23-27)

Who is Jesus?  We have been exploring various answers to that Question over the past few weeks, and today will be no different, except that today the question is clearly asked by the disciples, What kind of man is this?  … Continue reading

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Jesus, our Brother (Matthew 12:46-50)

Family is a loaded word, pregnant with meaning, ideas, images, hopes and regrets.  One of my favorite pictures of family comes from the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Who has seen it?  It is a hilarious, romantic comedy from … Continue reading

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Matthew 4:23-25 Jesus the Healer (Lenten 1)

This past Advent season we looked at some contrasting pairs of words describing Jesus and his ministry.  He is the Prophet and the prophesied, the King and the servant, the Priest and the sacrifice, the one who is coming and … Continue reading

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Jesus, a model of thanks – Matthew 14:13-21

Today, Thanksgiving 2009, we are going to explore the familiar story of the feeding of the 5000, which is recorded in all 4 gospel narratives.  It is one of the only passages which all four writers include in their accounts, … Continue reading

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