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A Worship Exercise

“Close your eyes for xisty seconds and picture worship.  Let the film roll for a minute. OK, come back. Did you do it?  What did you see?  What did you hear?  What did you do?  What did you feel? I … Continue reading

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Thou shalt not make an idol (Is films an idolatrous image?)

I was recently reading a book on the second commandment by Daniel Hyde, an URC pastor in Oceanside, California entitled In Living Color: Images of Christ and the Means of Grace.  Here are some quotes worthy of reflecting on: 1. … Continue reading

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Christmas in Geneva

“It seems that Christmas was usually observed on a Lord’s Day in Geneva rather than on 25 December. “There were two reasons for this, quite aside from the “Puritan fanaticism” to which it is usually ascribed. The working people of … Continue reading

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Are you trying to live by the laws of the Tabernacle?

This morning I started reading a little booklet entitled God’s House of Symbols: A Walk through the Old Testament Tabernacle by M.R. De Haan II.  Let me share the opening paragraph with you, More than a few people sum up … Continue reading

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How do we conceive of Worship?

I just finished reading an article by J.I. Packer entitled, The Puritan Approach to Worship.  It sparked a number of thoughts and questions in my mind that I want to share for your reflection and edification: There are two approaches … Continue reading

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The Manhattan Declaration

There is a great declaration related to the sanctity of Life, Marriage and religious liberty which has recently been published.  it is called the Manhattan Declaration and you can read it here.  I signed on tonight and encourage you to … Continue reading

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Who is worship all about? – Romans 12:1-2

Who is worship all about?  Let me start off by telling you a parable.  I wish I could claim it as my own, but it comes from pastor bc comings, of Mountain View CRC in Lynden.[1] There was a prince … Continue reading

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Christmas and churches

Genevan Opposition At times during the sixteenth century, ecclesiastical holidays caused agitation in the city of Geneva. It seems to have been a difficult matter for a resolution, since any official action taken would stir up some element of the … Continue reading

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A Worship parable

Pastor bc cumings of Mountain View CRC wrote a D.Min. thesis a number of years ago on Worship. The thesis was titled Waterways of Worship. I would like to share one of his parables on worship with you. It comes … Continue reading

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Is Church Music Theological?

Lester Ruth, Associate Professor of Worship and Liturgy at Asbury Theological Seminary, in his article “Lex Amandi, Lex Orandi: The Trinity in the Most Used Contemporary Christian Worship Songs” offers a very impressive analysis of the presence of the Doctrine … Continue reading

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