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1Corinthians 15:1-8 Remembering the Gospel

Easter is a day of celebration.  It is a day to rejoice at the victory that was won when Jesus was crucified, died, buried and ultimately resurrected or raised from the dead.  This morning’s passage was chosen because it is … Continue reading

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Mark 7:1-23 The root of the problem.

My wife’s first experience in an Episcopal church was quite an event she tells me.  As visitors to the service who were a little late, the only seats left in the sanctuary were at the very front with no one … Continue reading

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Mark 6:6b-13 How is ministry to be done?

Imagine a rare car collector saying to any of us, climb up in my maseratti, or Bentley, and take it for a spin, give it a drive and see how you like it.  Wouldn’t you just be floored?  I would … Continue reading

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Mark 5:21-6:6 Where do you turn? The role of Faith in the Christian life

I remember teaching each of my kids to swim and the natural reaction when you have a child on his or her back and the waves wash up over the face is to freak out, flip over and wildly grasp … Continue reading

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