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Should you reconsider participation in Halloween?

To many such a questions seems stupid to even ask.  To them, “Halloween is just a holiday full of candy and fun and every kid should be able to have a good time and get a sugar aching belly.”  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Telling our children about God’s wondrous deeds

I was reading through the Psalter Hymnal recently and ran across this song: Let Children hear the Mighty Deeds Let children hear the mighty deeds which God performed of old, which in our younger years we hard, and which our parents … Continue reading

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Corrie ten Boom on godliness in business

Do you live like this? “Corrie ten Boom tells a story about her father that exemplifies the godliness Micah describes.  Her father was a watchmaker, and the family was experiencing great financial hardship.  A wealthy man came into his shop … Continue reading

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Final Thoughts on Baxter’s The Godly Home

I finished The Godly Home today and my overarching thought is Baxter saw the centrality of Christ in everything related to home life.  He was concerned to see Christ exalted in our marriages, our children and our families and so … Continue reading

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Christian Education and Parenting

“Just being around godly people is insufficient…some of the most tragic stories in the Bible concern parental failure.”  (Wilson, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, pg. 72) These words, present a challenging view to most modern parenting and most Christian … Continue reading

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Christian Parenting – Simplicity

Today will be my last post in this category, Christian Parenting, for a little while.  So I thought that Simplicity would be a great discipline to end with.  What is simplicity?  It is different for everybody but is grounded in … Continue reading

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Christian Parenting – Love casts out all fear

During the past two weeks, my newly adopted daughters have adapted marvelously, but more than that, I can see that I am changing.  For those who know me, this may come as no surprise: I can be a very difficult … Continue reading

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Teaching Kids about money

Here’s a post from the Wall Street Journal about teaching children about finances.

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Christian Parenting – Meeting their Needs

Last night my wife told me about an interview she heard with a Christian psychologist.  In it the woman claimed that we need to meet the needs of our children in creative ways.  The example, An adopted girls from Russia … Continue reading

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Christian Parenting – Adoption changes the rules of the game

10 days ago my wife and I received two new adopted girls into our home.  That brings the total number of children in our home to 7.  2 adults, 7 children, we are a family of nine.  Naïvely I thought … Continue reading

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