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Revelation 22:1-6 The Garden

There are points of similarity and contrast in the Gardens of Revelation 22 and Genesis 1-2. The points of similarity are as follows: Both Gardens with are watered by a river – Gen 2:10 and Rev 22:1 Both contain the … Continue reading

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Genesis 37-50 Joseph, A Christmas Eve Homily

For some time we have been studying Genesis and this Advent season we have looked at various reasons why Jesus Christ had to be born into this world from the need to find the Bride of Christ to the fact … Continue reading

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Genesis 27 Freely Blessed

Genesis 27 Blessed freely   Introduction – How to read the text   When many of us read a story like today’s Scripture reading, we don’t quite know what to make of it.  An old man duped by his son … Continue reading

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Genesis 34 on Why we need Christmas

Introduction[i] Any other week and many of us would likely not identify with Genesis 34, but this week we have been reminded of the grisly nature of humanity.  First with the shooting in an Oregon mall that left 3 dead … Continue reading

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Genesis 25 Divine Election and Human Works

Last week we saw that the savior was coming into the world in order to seek for himself a spotless bride.  This week we are going to talk about the savior coming in order to fulfill his promises. Promises, Promises, … Continue reading

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Genesis 24 The Bride for Isaac, The Bride for Christ!

Weddings are grand events in our age. People spend a lot of money on them. According to Reuters, the national average for the cost of a wedding in 2012 was just over $27,000.[1]  Many of you are thinking, “I would … Continue reading

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Genesis 23 – Remembering who we are in hard times

The Bible is full of stories that we hold dear and tell over and over again.  How we love to talk of Noah and the flood, or Abraham waiting for a son to be born, of David rising to become … Continue reading

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Genesis 22;1-19 The Slaughtered Son

  Some time later…Those opening words hearken back to the last chapter and the great events which have transpired.  Abraham has made a treaty with Abimelech over some water wells but even more important to our story are the opening … Continue reading

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Genesis 18;16-33 Pleading for the Righteous

The last time we looked at the book of Genesis a few months ago, we concluded with the statement that nothing is too hard for the Lord (Gen 18:14).  He can make old barren women bear children, he can raise … Continue reading

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Genesis 17 True Circumcision

24 years have come and gone since the first time you heard from your lover his intention to marry you.  It’s been 13 years since you last saw him or her and you still haven’t received anything more than a … Continue reading

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