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Rev 2;18-29 The Promise of Christ to the Church of Thyatira

This week we find ourselves at the middle letter Christ is addressing to the 7 churches.  The letter to Thyatira is the longest letter of the 7 and since it is in the middle, it seems to serve as the … Continue reading

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Should you reconsider participation in Halloween?

To many such a questions seems stupid to even ask.  To them, “Halloween is just a holiday full of candy and fun and every kid should be able to have a good time and get a sugar aching belly.”  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Revelation 2;12-17 The Danger of Spiritual Adultery – Pergamum

Christ has revealed himself as the divine one who holds the Christian in his hands and who walks among the churches.  He is the beginning and the end of all that is, was or ever will be.  He has risen … Continue reading

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Rev 2;8-11 Be Faithful Smyrnans!

Smyrna – who could find Smyrna on a map? I will give you a hint: Smyrna is the modern day city of Izmir. It is located on the Western coast of Turkey on the Aegean Sea. [Smyrna map]  It is … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Public Education

“One of the great ironies among modern evangelicals is the fact that many have higher and stricter standards for their children’s baby-sitters than they do for their children’s teachers. Is a baby-sitter needed?  She should be a Christian, and a … Continue reading

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Rev 2:1-7 Keeping your first Love – a message to Ephesus

Love letters are exciting to get aren’t they?  They are good for the soul of both the writer and the recipient.  One gets the privilege of sharing their heart, their deepest feelings and their desire, while the other gets the … Continue reading

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