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Where’s Jesus in the Waters of Marah and Elim (Exodus 15:22-27)

Bitter waters and an oasis are the context in which the Israelites find themselves following the great crossing of the Red Sea.  Is it not ironic that the Israelites, having just experienced the miraculous salvation of God, are now found … Continue reading

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The Replay of John 20:10-20

Who are you looking for?  Do you continue to seek the one who can answer your deepest longings?  Do you seek even when the situation and the circumstances make little sense?  I hope so.  I hope you are like Mary, … Continue reading

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An Easter Poem by Zinzendorf

My Savior’s blood and righteousness That beauty is my glorious dress. Thus well arrayed, I need not fear When in His presence I appear. His incarnation, wounds, and death I will declare while I have breath; Until I see Him … Continue reading

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John 20:10-20 Who are you searching for? Easter 2011

It’s Easter morning and many people woke up this morning and began searching.  They were searching for eggs filled with surprises.  Others woke up this morning searching for a cure to the guilt they feel for wrong they have committed.  … Continue reading

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Heidelberg Catechism Q78

Q.78. Are the bread and wine changed into the real body and blood of Christ? A.  No.  Just as the water of baptism is not changed into Christ’s blood and does not itself wash away sins but is simply god’s … Continue reading

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Answering the “Nothing But” argument

How do you respond to many biological evolutionist who claim that humans are just masses of chemical reactions.  here is a great little quote I found answering this: “if you encounter a “nothing but” argument: replace nothing but with the … Continue reading

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Where’s Jesus in The Songs of Victory (Exodus 15:1-21)

God’s saving acts are wonderful and magnificent. They are worthy of singing about and praising his name.  In today’s story the Exodus narrative as it relates to Egypt finds completion.  Pharaoh and his armies had been completely drowned in the … Continue reading

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John 15:18-16:4 Persecuted Disciples

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran theologian in Germany when Hitler began his ascendancy to power.  Early on in his ministry, he began calling the church to recognize that the claims of Nazism were incompatible with the gospel message.  Over the … Continue reading

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Heidelberg Catechism Q77

Q.77. Where does Christ promise to nourish and refresh believers with his body and blood as surely as they eat this broken bread and drink this cup? A. In the institution of the Lord’s Supper: “The Lord Jesus, on the … Continue reading

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The Lord Fights for Israel (Exodus 13:17-14:31)

Does God ever stop fighting for his people?  Does his saving work ever cease?  Absolutely not.  As Israel was leaving Egypt having experienced the miraculous provision of the Passover Lamb, the armies of Pharaoh come marching out to reclaim their … Continue reading

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