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Christians and the Muslim Fast of Ramadan

There are some interesting posts floating around the blog-o-sphere related to the recent Christianity Today article on whether Christians should celebrate the Muslim Fast of Ramadan. People seem clearly divided on the issue, however, I am most aligned with McDermott’s … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of Syncretism – 2 Kings 17

I have been reflecting on 2 Kings 17 for about a week or two, and their are two verses that continue to jump out at me. The first is the final half of verse 15, “They imitated the nations around … Continue reading

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National Healthcare – a different view

Many of us are eagerly following the healthcare reform play out on Capitol Hill.  Here is one piece articulating opposition based not on economic argument but on the oath of office to uphold the constitution.  I found it interesting, for … Continue reading

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A Short Course in Praying for Spiritual Maturity – 2 Thes 3:1-5

We have been looking at Paul’s prayer life for 10 weeks now and today we get to ask the question, what did Paul need prayer for?  What did the great missionary apostle ask others to pray for in his life?  … Continue reading

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Jesus our Great Intercessor – 2 Chronicles 30:1-27

This passage presents such a beautiful picture of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Hezekiah calls out to a people who have long forgotten how to worship God properly and appropriately. In fact his father, Ahaz, had actually closed … Continue reading

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My prayer retreat

I have returned to my normal life – work, children, house needing repair, to it all.  But I return with a sense of peace in my soul.  Silence, solitude and prayer are the best way for me to reorient life … Continue reading

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Praying for a Holy Life – 2 Corinthians 13:7-14

Caesarius of Arles, a 6th century bishop in Gaul, wrote “Pious souls of the Lord, what the Lord admonishes us is not to be considered merely in passing, for he says, “Be holy because I am holy.” This is a … Continue reading

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Update for this week

The week of October 19-22 I will be spending my days in prayer as part of trying to retrieve a quarterly time of silence and reflection on ministry. Because of this, I will be cutting myself off from all technology … Continue reading

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Interceding for Spiritual Growth – Ephesians 1:17-19

Interceding for Spiritual Growth Eph 1:17-21, Col 1:9-11, Phil 1:9-11, Col 4:12 Now that we have a foundation on what the majority of our prayer life could be if we modeled our prayers upon the prayers of Paul.  What one … Continue reading

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A Theology of the Thorn – Praying for Health instead of Healing

Last month I was in a conversation with some older men who are mentoring me in prayer and one of them mentioned that there is a difference between praying for health and praying for healing.  That was quickly followed up … Continue reading

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