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Should you reconsider participation in Halloween?

To many such a questions seems stupid to even ask.  To them, “Halloween is just a holiday full of candy and fun and every kid should be able to have a good time and get a sugar aching belly.”  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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An Image of Humility through Film

I watched The Inheritance last night with my wife.  It is a Louisa May Alcott’s story that was set to film in 1997.  Though obviosly a romance movie, I was struck by the image of humility portrayed on the screen, and … Continue reading

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Can Christianity promote the Homosexual Lifestyle?

There are many who would like to believe that the Church of Jesus Christ, the pillar and foundation of faith (1Tim 3:15) should promote the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle.  One of my favorite bloggers has written seven great posts denying … Continue reading

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Bellingham Crime Information

Ever been curious about the kinds of crimes that happen within  a 1/4 of a mile of your home?  How bout a 1/2 mile?  Or even up to 2 miles.  Now you can view that information on this Bellingham Crime … Continue reading

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Are there health hazards associated with homosexuality?

Here is an abstract I recently ran across related to homosexuality.  I must admit, I haven’t read the actual article from NARTH so I cannot judge its veracity, but the basic thesis of the article rings true to me based … Continue reading

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Suicide as sinful?

The concept of suicide being a sin has been with the church for millenia.  But where did it come from?  (Note: this is not a theological study, but a historical brief.)  In reading City of God, Augustine lays out the … Continue reading

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Mocking God- acting like apes

I recently read a piece in the Wall Street Journal weekend edition by Jane Goodall and her work among chimpanzees.  At one point she reflects on an early experience she had of communicating with one particular chimpanzee named David Greybeard. … Continue reading

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Supreme Court says America practices "ceremonial Deism"

Ever wondered how “in God we trust” stays on our money or “one nation, under God” stays in the pledge of allegiance.  Well, Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty Magazine has a great editorial on this and it turns out the … Continue reading

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Does Science undercut Belief in God?

Last night I went to a lecture by Dr. Collins of Messiah College.  The lecture was entitled “The Fine Tuning Design Argument”and it was hosted by the WWU Philosophy Dept.  Having done a bit of reading on Intelligent Design, I … Continue reading

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If you have ever wondered how bigotry and prejudice take root, then Chimamanda Adichie has a great warning to us.  IT begins in believing that an entire people can be characterized by a single story, all Ethiopians are starving, All … Continue reading

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