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Mark 11:11-25 Faith without Fruit

The story of the fig tree Jesus cursed has always been a story that I struggled to understand.  How can one make sense of Jesus cursing a tree that isn’t in fruit when it was not the season for figs … Continue reading

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Mark 11:1-11 Celebrated Entries!

Today marks a great transition in the gospel of Mark.  We are entering into the last week of Jesus’ life at a time when the Feast of Passover is about to occur. Passover is the celebration of God’s judgment passing … Continue reading

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Crying out for your Covenant Promises! Mark 10;46-52 and 8:22-25

In the Gospel of Mark, there are plenty of healing stories – of the sick, demon-possessed, lepers, paralytics, man with shriveled hands, a dead girl brought to life, a woman who has bled for 12 years, a deaf and mute … Continue reading

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