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Review of Ryken’s Galatians

I just finished reading Philip Ryken’s Galatians.  What a wonderfully uplifting book.  It is a series of sermons through Paul’s great letter.  Ryken is a wonderful exegete and very easy to read.  Here is my favorite quote from the book: … Continue reading

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Teaching Kids about money

Here’s a post from the Wall Street Journal about teaching children about finances.

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Where’s Jesus? Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dreams (Genesis 41)

Both of Pharaoh’s dreams are one and the same in meaning: bountiful years followed by famine.  Most often we focus on the dreams (we seem to be hopelessly enamored with the spectacular), but verse 38 contains the key for seeing … Continue reading

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Justified Forever (Galatians 3:1-5)

Plato, in Timeaus, makes the statement that there are 2 kinds of fools:  One lacking instruction and the other due to madness.  What he is saying is that fools exist because they haven’t been taught, have been taught incompletely OR … Continue reading

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Heidelberg Catechism Devotional Q20

Q.20. Are all saved through Christ just as all were lost through Adam? A. No. Only those are saved who by true faith are grafted into Christ and accept all his blessings. Monday This question has caused many debates and … Continue reading

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Lalibela pictures

Here is a slide show of some of our pictures from Lalibela. You can view it at

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The Ethiopian Church

An Ethiopian Eunuch, the Queen of Sheba, Cush, and other references are plentiful in the Scriptures.  Ethiopia is a land rich in Bible history and Christian history and that is what we found as we traveled through the country last … Continue reading

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Our first time meeting the Girls

This is my first shot at doing my own video.  This is from the first few moments of meeting our girls.  I will upload a few other videos of our travels in the coming day. you can view the file … Continue reading

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Yemrehanna Kristos church, Bilbilla

While in Ethiopia we saw some really cool churches.  This one was built under an overhang.  It is an example of Ethiopian Cave Churches.  The exterior block wall in the first picture was added in the past few years for … Continue reading

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How did God do that?

How did God do that?  I found myself asking that question over and over again on our trip.  One such occasion was in Awassa.  Jen and I received the opportunity of meeting with our daughters’ birth mother.  For 20 minutes … Continue reading

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