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Christmas and churches

Genevan Opposition At times during the sixteenth century, ecclesiastical holidays caused agitation in the city of Geneva. It seems to have been a difficult matter for a resolution, since any official action taken would stir up some element of the … Continue reading

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Single Parenting

This year, more than any year in the past, has found me playing the role of single parent. A little less than 2 years ago we moved to Washington State to pastor. My mother in law moved with us, however … Continue reading

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Public Morality and Religious Belief

While reading the periodical Liberty, I ran across this quotation: “In a pluralistic society a fundamental assumption of public policy is the recognition that everything immoral need not be declared illegal. The public morality that is expressed in law reflects … Continue reading

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Is Social Security a good option?

Recently I have been reflecting on social security and its perceived benefits to society by acting as a safety net for retirees and other at risk families. I am increasingly questioning whether the notion of governmental insurance programs like social … Continue reading

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Reflection on the Gospel and bondage

The last few posts have been rather personal as I have been reflecting on my own life in Christ. This morning I took 3 hours to pray and quietly think about life and God’s plans for me. As a pastor … Continue reading

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Growing in my Ability to Relate to Others

I have never been a great enthusiast of psychology, counseling or personality tests. I have taken numerous tests for mission boards, employers, etc. I am an INTJ on the Meyers-Briggs, an Equipping-Releaser on the Grip-Birkman, a D on the DISC. … Continue reading

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Discipleship and The Seed of the Gospel

Recently, I have been forced to reflect on a number of things in my life: my preaching style, my congregations needs, how to disciple others, worship differences, etc. All of this is beginning to congeal in my mind due in … Continue reading

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Why we are adopting…

A good friend of mine, Mark Ruiter, wrote this in response to a common misconception that adoption is another way to grow your family. Here are his thoughts and mine: In May 2008 Rockelle and I starting talking and praying … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Atonement

Yesterday, I was in conversation with a friend of mine concerning the Atonement. Now, you might be thinking, what kind of friends sit around talking about the atonement? To which I would say, mine. Each week I have a wonderful … Continue reading

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Federalist Paper #31 – Taxation

There are a series of papers written by Hamilton on the general power of taxation conferred upon the legislative branch of the government. In the 31st paper, Hamilton repeats the argument of those opposed to this general power. Here is … Continue reading

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