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Further comments on Rev 12:10-13:18

After finishing my sermon yesterday, I had a nagging suspicion that I hadn’t clearly shown  why I believe that government was the second member of the unholy trinity, i.e. the beast of the sea.  If you recall Daniel’s vision in … Continue reading

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Rev 12;10-13;18 War on the Saints

(Please have Dan 7:1-7, 17 read in liturgy sometime before sermon) Have you ever felt like you were fighting against an invisible enemy?  That there was some hostile force that had targeted you and was seeking to destroy you?  I … Continue reading

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Rev 12:1-9 Our Christmas Hope

NOTE:  I have been delinquent in posting things the past few weeks.  My congregation was very gracious and granted me a series of sundays to simply come and worship without being responsible for leading or preaching.  Today is my first … Continue reading

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