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Jesus in the Temple Texts

Do you ever wonder why God included all those descriptions of the temple in the Old Testament?  Why it needed to be made of certain materials?  Why it had to have certain furniture?  Why the priests had to perform certain … Continue reading

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Thou shalt not make an idol (Is films an idolatrous image?)

I was recently reading a book on the second commandment by Daniel Hyde, an URC pastor in Oceanside, California entitled In Living Color: Images of Christ and the Means of Grace.  Here are some quotes worthy of reflecting on: 1. … Continue reading

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To know thyself, one must know God (Institutes I.1.2)

“To know thyself, one must know God.” I believe John Calvin could have easily said such a statement for his opening words in the Institutes of the Christian Religion echo such sentiments.  Let’s take one such phrase as our jumping … Continue reading

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Can Christianity promote the Homosexual Lifestyle?

There are many who would like to believe that the Church of Jesus Christ, the pillar and foundation of faith (1Tim 3:15) should promote the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle.  One of my favorite bloggers has written seven great posts denying … Continue reading

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Gospel: Proclamation or works?

Many in our world are increasingly arguing that the good news is both works and proclamation.  I, myself, have even argued such things, however there has been a growing uneasiness in my soul over this expansion of the gospel.  Maybe, … Continue reading

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Are you trying to live by the laws of the Tabernacle?

This morning I started reading a little booklet entitled God’s House of Symbols: A Walk through the Old Testament Tabernacle by M.R. De Haan II.  Let me share the opening paragraph with you, More than a few people sum up … Continue reading

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Corrie ten Boom on godliness in business

Do you live like this? “Corrie ten Boom tells a story about her father that exemplifies the godliness Micah describes.  Her father was a watchmaker, and the family was experiencing great financial hardship.  A wealthy man came into his shop … Continue reading

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Can we eat manna, have the wisdom of Solomon and pray down the power of heaven?

Whenever Christians read f the spiritual achievements and blessings of ancient Israel, we should know that these are fully restored to the church over which Christ reigns forever as king, and they will be perfected eternally when he returns in … Continue reading

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Is Freedom without Faith a good option?

What is true freedom?  John Adams understood that freedom does not exist in the ability of people to make whatever moral or ethical choice they choose.  He said, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It … Continue reading

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Sin in my heart, but forgiven by grace

I have been contemplating sin lately and how much I coddle it and excuse it.  Let me give an abstract example in my life.  Frequently, I will excuse away a sinful tendency in my life with the statement, “I didn’t … Continue reading

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