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Rev 22:1-6 The Water of Life

Every good garden makes use of 4 things well Water features Trees Harness Light in ways that illuminate Bring blessing, life

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Revelation 22:1-6 The Garden

There are points of similarity and contrast in the Gardens of Revelation 22 and Genesis 1-2. The points of similarity are as follows: Both Gardens with are watered by a river – Gen 2:10 and Rev 22:1 Both contain the … Continue reading

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Rev 21 The Home we long for – New Jerusalem

  Imagine your dream home The Home we long for i.     Relational and sinless – New Covenant in Christ’s blood – 1Cor 11:25 ii.     Spirit empowered and victorious – New Covenant of Spirit who gives life, not of the letter … Continue reading

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Rev 18:4-5, 19:1-9 The Worshipping Church

We are nearing the end of our study of Revelation and as we come into today’s passage, I want to remind you of what we learned last week.  We witnessed the destruction of Babylon the whore.  When she collapsed we … Continue reading

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Rev 17-18 The World System Judged!

Intro: Last chapter saw end of the world as islands fled, hail fell (16:20-21) Saw wrath is actually a good thing for the Christian, because it is God’s wrath that saves Now we are backing up to get more detail … Continue reading

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Rev 15-16 God’s People Spared Judgment

The 15th and 16th chapters of Revelation present to us one last picture of the wrath of God falling upon unrepentant humanity.  The 7 vials or bowls or plagues as they are called are the culmination of God’s wrath poured … Continue reading

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Rev 14 History as God sees it!

 Note:  I ran out of time to write a manuscript for this sermon, but here are my notes. History is always written from someone’s perspective, neither good/bad, just is Russian History of WWII much different than US History US History … Continue reading

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Further comments on Rev 12:10-13:18

After finishing my sermon yesterday, I had a nagging suspicion that I hadn’t clearly shown  why I believe that government was the second member of the unholy trinity, i.e. the beast of the sea.  If you recall Daniel’s vision in … Continue reading

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Rev 12;10-13;18 War on the Saints

(Please have Dan 7:1-7, 17 read in liturgy sometime before sermon) Have you ever felt like you were fighting against an invisible enemy?  That there was some hostile force that had targeted you and was seeking to destroy you?  I … Continue reading

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Rev 12:1-9 Our Christmas Hope

NOTE:  I have been delinquent in posting things the past few weeks.  My congregation was very gracious and granted me a series of sundays to simply come and worship without being responsible for leading or preaching.  Today is my first … Continue reading

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