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The Replay of Jude 24-25

Jude’s concluding words are doxological.  By that I mean, he is giving glory to God.  God is full of power, authority, majesty and glory.  There is no other god like him, nor can there ever be.  God alone sits enthroned … Continue reading

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Replay of Jude 17-23

As I reflect on what it means to contend for the faith, I want to be sure that we all hold onto the gospel message, namely it is Christ who keeps us from stumbling and no one else.  That said, … Continue reading

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The Replay of Jude 11-16

Once again we are back on for The Replay.  On Sunday we looked at Jude 11-16.  In these final verses, Jude wraps up his lambaste of false and ungodly teachers by comparing them to 3 horrible Old Testament figures: Cain, … Continue reading

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The Heretics journey – Jude 11-16

Let me set a scene for you: Colorado Springs in 2006. This is a Christian haven, some would say: The home of more than 300 churches and over 300 Christian non-profits.  Places like Focus on the Family, the Navigators, and … Continue reading

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Examples of Judgment on the unfaithful (Jude 5-10)

I find the defendant guilty of adultery (gavel strikes pulpit).  Unfortunately, an increasing number of marriages end in divorce and adultery.  Marriages are made up of faithful and unfaithful spouses.  It is an unfortunate reality, and it is even more … Continue reading

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Foundations of the Faith – Jude 1-4

There are men and women who stand apart in our world, not for what they have done, or who they are or from where they come, but for the simple fact that God strengthens these people to proclaim fearlessly Christ … Continue reading

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