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Genesis 37-50 Joseph, A Christmas Eve Homily

For some time we have been studying Genesis and this Advent season we have looked at various reasons why Jesus Christ had to be born into this world from the need to find the Bride of Christ to the fact … Continue reading

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Genesis 27 Freely Blessed

Genesis 27 Blessed freely   Introduction – How to read the text   When many of us read a story like today’s Scripture reading, we don’t quite know what to make of it.  An old man duped by his son … Continue reading

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The Prayer of Faith

The Prayer of Faith, according to David McIntyre, is the prayer that has been “brought into conformity with the mind of Christ.”  McIntyre then goes on to give 8 conditions for one to understand what it means to pray with … Continue reading

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Genesis 34 on Why we need Christmas

Introduction[i] Any other week and many of us would likely not identify with Genesis 34, but this week we have been reminded of the grisly nature of humanity.  First with the shooting in an Oregon mall that left 3 dead … Continue reading

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Genesis 25 Divine Election and Human Works

Last week we saw that the savior was coming into the world in order to seek for himself a spotless bride.  This week we are going to talk about the savior coming in order to fulfill his promises. Promises, Promises, … Continue reading

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Genesis 24 The Bride for Isaac, The Bride for Christ!

Weddings are grand events in our age. People spend a lot of money on them. According to Reuters, the national average for the cost of a wedding in 2012 was just over $27,000.[1]  Many of you are thinking, “I would … Continue reading

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True and False Religion – a Philosophical Answer

“The maxim of illusory religion runs: “Fear not; trsut in God and He will see that none of the things you fear will happen to you”; that of real religion, on the contrary is: “Fear not; the things that you … Continue reading

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