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Thoughts worthy of reflection

I am leading a sunday school class through the Book of Zechariah and in preparation for the class, I am reading a number of works: Iain Duguid’s EP commentary, Thomas Moore’s commentary from the time of the puritans and a … Continue reading

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Revelation 1:1-8 Introducing Revelation

Today we embark on a series in the Book of Revelation.  “But we didn’t finish the Gospel of Mark,” you are likely thinking. And that is correct. We will however return the to final chapters of Mark’s gospel during the … Continue reading

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Mark 13;1-37 The End of Time and the Commands of Christ

Geometry can be really useful for finding the center of things.  If you want to find the center of a line segment, geometry can help.  If you want to find the center of a triangle or square geometry can help.  … Continue reading

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