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1Corinthians 15:1-8 Remembering the Gospel

Easter is a day of celebration.  It is a day to rejoice at the victory that was won when Jesus was crucified, died, buried and ultimately resurrected or raised from the dead.  This morning’s passage was chosen because it is … Continue reading

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Look to His Work, Jesus is the Messiah (Matthew 11:1-6 Easter 2012)

Have you ever been so certain of the path you were to take that you started moving forward only to have questions and doubts arise later?  That seems to be my universal experience.  Often in my life, whether it is … Continue reading

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An Easter Poem by Zinzendorf

My Savior’s blood and righteousness That beauty is my glorious dress. Thus well arrayed, I need not fear When in His presence I appear. His incarnation, wounds, and death I will declare while I have breath; Until I see Him … Continue reading

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John 20:10-20 Who are you searching for? Easter 2011

It’s Easter morning and many people woke up this morning and began searching.  They were searching for eggs filled with surprises.  Others woke up this morning searching for a cure to the guilt they feel for wrong they have committed.  … Continue reading

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Belief or unbelief: That is the question – (Galatians 3:6-18)

William Herschel was a young boy who grew up in Hanover Germany in the mid 1700’s.  He loved music and followed his father into the military as a member of the band.  Unprepared for war, he deserted when the 7-years … Continue reading

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