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Sin must be judged – The story of Achan (Joshua 7)

Joshua 7 is a heartbreaking story of one man’s sin and how it affected a nation.  In the very first verse we are told that Achan took some of the things devoted to the Lord from the defeat of Jericho. … Continue reading

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Jesus in the Temple Texts

Do you ever wonder why God included all those descriptions of the temple in the Old Testament?  Why it needed to be made of certain materials?  Why it had to have certain furniture?  Why the priests had to perform certain … Continue reading

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“Scripture Prayer” Guide for Pentecost

 For our worship service the past few years we have dedicated the entire service to praying for the nations.  Here is our prayer guide for this year along with a brief introduction on why we use Scripture based prayer.  The … Continue reading

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Parenting and Discipline

A great post from Kevin DeYoung on parenting over Here

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To enter the Land, you must be circumcised (Joshua 5:1-6:19)

In chapter 5 we encounter the Jewish nation who has been living in the desert for 40 years and now are preparing to take over the Promised Land.  These men had not been circumcised by their parents according to the … Continue reading

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Let’s Celebrate (Revelation 22:1-5)

Celebration!  Who likes a good party? [img party]  I like a good party, though you are likely to find me sitting in a corner talking with one or two people instead of milling around with the crowds.  People like celebrations, … Continue reading

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No one is beyond salvation (Joshua 2 & 6:20-25)

The faithful can be found anywhere.  In fact, God has a funny way of calling his people from all walks of life, even the more difficult walks.  Take John Newton, the author of the hymn Amazing Grace.  he was called from … Continue reading

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Genesis 15 The Promises of God

Who has ever made a promise? I have made many promises in my life. I promised my wife [img I promise] that I would remain faithful to her till death do us part on August 3, 1996. I promised the … Continue reading

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3 days between the Promise and the Fulfillment (Joshua 1:10-18)

There is a lag of three days between the promise that Joshua and the people would possess the land west of the Jordan and the fulfillment and experience of that promised reality.  Certainly the promise wasn’t any less real on … Continue reading

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Get Wisdom, Get Christ! (Gems Sunday – Colossians 2:1-3 and Proverbs 4:1-9)

Many would define wisdom as making the best use of knowledge while folly is the opposite. In the Inuit tradition, one is wise “when they could see what needed to be done and do it successfully without being told what … Continue reading

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