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Bellingham Crime Information

Ever been curious about the kinds of crimes that happen within  a 1/4 of a mile of your home?  How bout a 1/2 mile?  Or even up to 2 miles.  Now you can view that information on this Bellingham Crime … Continue reading

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Telling our children about God’s wondrous deeds

I was reading through the Psalter Hymnal recently and ran across this song: Let Children hear the Mighty Deeds Let children hear the mighty deeds which God performed of old, which in our younger years we hard, and which our parents … Continue reading

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Are there health hazards associated with homosexuality?

Here is an abstract I recently ran across related to homosexuality.  I must admit, I haven’t read the actual article from NARTH so I cannot judge its veracity, but the basic thesis of the article rings true to me based … Continue reading

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Marriages Built to Last

14 years ago I made a life changing decision – I married my wife.  I would love to say that all the years have been easy and wonderful, but there has been difficulty and trial.  It all began on the … Continue reading

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Motives for managing our families well

Here are more notes from Richard Baxter on what should motivate us to manage our families well and train them up in Christ.1. When we govern our families well, this is a major part of God’s government of the world. … Continue reading

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Family prayer Times

Should families pray together?  Of course, we answer, but why?  Simply stated, because all churches ought to pray to God and praise him and a Christian family is a church…a society of Christians gathered for the worshipping and serving of God … Continue reading

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On Managing Your Family

Men, here are some words of advice from an 18th century preacher: Teach your family that your fatherly authority comes from God and that God establishes all authorities both in the home and in society. Fear God greatly and allow … Continue reading

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On missionary dating

We have all heard this before: I know they will be converted.  God can call them if he will;  if i just love them and share God with them we can marry and he or she will become a believer … Continue reading

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On Choosing a Spouse

I promised to share more gems from Baxter’s The Godly Family.  Here is one for all the singles to consider, and for the parents to pass on to their children: If you fear God, your chief end in marriage will … Continue reading

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Should you get married?

I started reading “The Godly Home” today by Richard Baxter.  Baxter was a 1700’s puritan pastor in England and he wrote a tome on Christian living which is being republished in 4 parts.  I have read the volume on being … Continue reading

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