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Heidelberg Catechism Devotional Q9

Q.9. But doesn’t God do us an injustice by requiring in his law what we are unable to do? Aš. No, God created humans with the ability to keep the law.  They, however, tempted by the devil, in reckless disobedience … Continue reading

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Hayek versus Keynes – Financial Theory Rap

For those wanting to learn or understand the two opposing economic theories.  Here is a great 7 min video from you tube.  you can see it here.

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Christian Parenting – Meditating on Scripture

The formation of our spiritual life and the life of our children and grandchildren is of great concern to many parents.  This is admirable.  But how can we help to shape ourselves and our children with habits, skills and ways … Continue reading

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer on Personal Devotions

The Word of Scripture should never stop sounding in your ears ad working in you all day long, just like the words of someone you love.  And just as you do not analyze the words of someone you love, but … Continue reading

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Where’s Jesus? Jacob wrestles with God (Genesis 32:22-32)

I have often wondered what to make of Jacob’s wrestling match with God.  Specifically, what the story has to do with me.  God’s words, “You have struggled with God and with men and have overcome” in Genesis 32:28 stick with … Continue reading

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True or False Gospel? – Galatians 1:6-12

In the summer of 1780 when British Major John André was captured, the American people were amazed, astonished and disappointed.  You see Major John André carried papers that implicated Benedict Arnold in a conspiracy to hand over West Point to … Continue reading

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Heidelberg Catechism Devotional Q7 & Q8

Q.7. Then where does this corrupt human nature come from?  Aš From the fall and disobedience of our first parents, Adam and Eve in paradise.  This fall has so poisoned our nature that we are born sinners – corrupt from … Continue reading

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The Discipline of the Lord

I am preparing for a sermon on the love of God and how love involves discipline.  I thought these Scriptures might serve some others as well, both parents with their children and christians in their walk with God. Deut. 4:36 … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Help the Children Love Different People

This is from one of the blogs I read.  A really great post, and a reminder to all of us that teaching our children about God and his power and authority are truly life changing and people changing. 8 Ways … Continue reading

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Christian Parenting – Praying the Examen

Prayer is so multi-faceted.  It is like a diamond with many sides.  Maybe teaching your children to pray the psalms isn’t what your family needs currently, but maybe praying the examen is.  What is the Examen?  The Examen is a … Continue reading

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