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Seeking answers to political questions?

How should Christians respond to Euthanasia, gun ownership, marriage laws, school voucher systems, taxes, healthcare, global warming, the CIA, Israel, hate-speech, earmarks and other questions? We are starting a new adult Sunday school on Sunday January 2 to explore topics … Continue reading

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Where’s Jesus – The slavery of Israel (Exodus 1)

We have completed going through the book of Genesis asking the question of every story, Where’s Jesus?  And today we begin the same process in the book of Exodus.  I must admit that the opening stories of Exodus do not … Continue reading

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The Replay of Micah 7:8-13

This past sunday we saw how Micah reflects on his own sin and the taunts he receives from those inside and outside of Israel; yet, he responds with an amazing pronouncement: My God will plead my case and establish my … Continue reading

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Micah 7:7-13 Because God is with us…

On this day after Christmas, we come to one of the best passages in Micah, which can best be summed up by saying, “Because God is with us salvation is assured.”  This advent we have explored the promise of the … Continue reading

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Heidelberg Catechism Q60

Q.60. How are you right with God? A. Only by true faith in Jesus Christ. Even though my conscience accuses me of having grievously sinned against all God’s commandments and of never having kept any of them, and even though … Continue reading

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Micah 7:1-7 Christmas Eve – Waiting for God our Savior

v. 1 Woe to me!  What misery is mine! Nothing good is in the land. Like hungry man in field, but no food there.  Me in squash fields, but no butternuts Says this b/c v.2  Godly swept from the land … Continue reading

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You have got to watch this 12 minutes about education paradigms.  It is wonderful and needful for every parent, teacher or business worker.

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The Replay of Micah 6:9-16

Advent is a time to reflect on the coming of Christ but any effectual reflection must bear in mind the dire situation that humanity finds itself in.  Like Israel, Christians and others find themselves immersed in sin.  We may hate … Continue reading

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Where’s Jesus? – Jacob waters his uncle’s sheep (Genesis 29:1-13)

What an amazing experience that Jacob has just lived through.  He has seen the heavens opened and heard the promise of God.  Now he finds himself in a foreign land looking for his uncle.  As he talks with the shepherds … Continue reading

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The Sentence Micah 6:9-16

Last week we entered the courtroom and heard God’s case and Judah’s complaints, this morning we are going to hear the verdict and that verdict begins with a cry to Listen! Like the town criers of the middle ages, who … Continue reading

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