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Too many chiefs: and the need for Submission in the Christian life

  Submission is a dirty word in America. We are a people who threw off the yoke of aristocracy in order to become a people where everyman is his own king. The only problem with that idea is that many … Continue reading

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On Humility

Augustine speaking, “If you ask me in regard to the precepts of the Christian Religion, I will answer, first, second, and third, Humility.” Calvin then comments on what humility is: By humility he means not when a man, with a consciousness of some … Continue reading

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Are there lessons to learn during times of pain and suffering?

Every step was painful.  Raising her shoulder sent flames of fire into her arms.  Turning his neck brought needle pricks down his spine.  Simply breathing ripped the very fabric of life from his chest.  There are countless men and women … Continue reading

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To know thyself, one must know God (Institutes I.1.2)

“To know thyself, one must know God.” I believe John Calvin could have easily said such a statement for his opening words in the Institutes of the Christian Religion echo such sentiments.  Let’s take one such phrase as our jumping … Continue reading

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Tortured for His Faith – the Life of Haralan Popov

Tortured.  Imprisoned for 13 years.  Beaten. Starved.  Ridiculed.  Psychologically abused.  This sounds like the makings of a strange horror film, and truly there is much horrific in these words.  But by God’s grace Haralan Popov lived through this experience in … Continue reading

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how to profane money

Want to know how to defeat the power of money, try watching this: Dr Calder – Financial Sewardship from InterVarsity twentyonehundred on Vimeo.

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Praying the Scriptures

Do you remember giving your mom a list of things you wanted in your lunch box?  I do.  My list included all the extra things I thought would make a lunch at school worthwhile – Twinkies, fancy potato chips, a … Continue reading

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Corrie ten Boom on godliness in business

Do you live like this? “Corrie ten Boom tells a story about her father that exemplifies the godliness Micah describes.  Her father was a watchmaker, and the family was experiencing great financial hardship.  A wealthy man came into his shop … Continue reading

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Is Freedom without Faith a good option?

What is true freedom?  John Adams understood that freedom does not exist in the ability of people to make whatever moral or ethical choice they choose.  He said, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It … Continue reading

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Sin in my heart, but forgiven by grace

I have been contemplating sin lately and how much I coddle it and excuse it.  Let me give an abstract example in my life.  Frequently, I will excuse away a sinful tendency in my life with the statement, “I didn’t … Continue reading

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