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Confessions from a Pastor’s Prayer life

As we come into a time of excitement and anticipation for our year of prayer, I eagerly await the coming of God’s Spirit to renew and restore my heart and yours.  For years I have longed to have a deeper, … Continue reading

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The Land Still to be Taken (Joshua 13-19)

A catalog of geography is how one might view Joshua chapters 13-19 – interesting, but dry for any sort of spiritual development.  But such is to miss the theological truths communicated to the believer in such a chapter.  If we will recall, … Continue reading

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Words have meaning!

Last night I was watching a video lecture on Post-modernism from Summit Ministries entitled Understanding the Times.  This short 30 minute lecture has got to be one of the clearest explanations about where the divergences between Christianity and postmodern philosophy … Continue reading

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Storing up Treasure, Part 2

Part 1 can be read here Last week, we spoke about the risks and the benefits of storing up treasures both in this world and in the next. This week we are going to speak about what real treasure is, … Continue reading

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Matthew 6:11-13, Acts 20:35 Storing up Treasure

Reader’s Theatre:   Use Chapter 1, page 6-8 from The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn and act it out! “A first century Hebrew walks alone on a hot afternoon, staff in hand.  His shoulders are stooped, sandals covered with dirt, tunic … Continue reading

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Money, Dreams and Living

I just returned from a wonderful few weeks in Canada camping with my family.  It was glorious, but as I am preparing to preach a two week series on money and the Christian life, one of my worship planners sent … Continue reading

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