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What is postmodernism? by Elliot Villareal

What is postmodernism? Any answer you give is a cultural construct supported by a group.  If you don’t like the answer, then go find another group. Who is Jesus? Any answer you give is a cultural construct supported by a … Continue reading

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Jesus, a model of thanks – Matthew 14:13-21

Today, Thanksgiving 2009, we are going to explore the familiar story of the feeding of the 5000, which is recorded in all 4 gospel narratives.  It is one of the only passages which all four writers include in their accounts, … Continue reading

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Christianity-New Age dialogue #3

On Nov 17, 2009, Joshua wrote: Hello Scott, Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you, I will try to be more timely in the future. Here is my theory on how the universe began. This is … Continue reading

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Christian Parenting – Spiritual Formation in the Family

Since the goal of Christian parenting is to raise obedient disciples of Jesus Christ, then every family needs to be a place of spiritual formation.  This isn’t the job of the Church, or youth pastor, it is the job of … Continue reading

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The Manhattan Declaration

There is a great declaration related to the sanctity of Life, Marriage and religious liberty which has recently been published.  it is called the Manhattan Declaration and you can read it here.  I signed on tonight and encourage you to … Continue reading

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Nothing less than perfect obedience – 1 Samuel 15

Let me tell you a story of a man who knew God’s will and yet struggled to implement it into his life. This man had a house in which he took in stray animals.  He knew that God had called … Continue reading

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Parenting – Obedience in Children

“Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.  Honor your Father and mother…”   – Ephesians 6:1-2 As I continue to work out a set of biblical thoughts on parenting, the next issue I would like to address … Continue reading

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Want to access historically Reformed works for free?

Here is a link to a great selection of works, all available online and free.

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Who is worship all about? – Romans 12:1-2

Who is worship all about?  Let me start off by telling you a parable.  I wish I could claim it as my own, but it comes from pastor bc comings, of Mountain View CRC in Lynden.[1] There was a prince … Continue reading

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The Parental Pursuit of Christ as it relates to Raising Children

If our goal as parents is to raise obedient disciples of Jesus Christ, then where does that process begin.  In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus says, “A student is not above his teacher…” (10:24).  If this is the case, then … Continue reading

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