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What is Worthless speculation (Institutes 1.14.4)

Moses tells us that the earth was finished and that the heavens with all their host were finished [Gen 2:1]. What point, then, is there in anxiously investigating on what day, apart from the stars and planets, the other more … Continue reading

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Mocking God- acting like apes

I recently read a piece in the Wall Street Journal weekend edition by Jane Goodall and her work among chimpanzees. ¬†At one point she reflects on an early experience she had of communicating with one particular chimpanzee named David Greybeard. … Continue reading

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Does Science undercut Belief in God?

Last night I went to a lecture by Dr. Collins of Messiah College.  The lecture was entitled “The Fine Tuning Design Argument”and it was hosted by the WWU Philosophy Dept.  Having done a bit of reading on Intelligent Design, I … Continue reading

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