Revelation 22:1-6 The Garden

There are points of similarity and contrast in the Gardens of Revelation 22 and Genesis 1-2.

The points of similarity are as follows:

    1. Both Gardens with are watered by a river – Gen 2:10 and Rev 22:1
    2. Both contain the Tree of Life – Gen 3:22  and Rev 22:2
    3. God is present in both gardens –  Gen 3:8 and Rev 22:3

But there are also notable differences in the gardens.

    1. City as well as a garden – In revelation, the city is pictured as containing a garden, but in Genesis only a garden is there without a city.  God has reclaimed the security of the city, but melded the beauty of the garden and rid it of the filth of city sin.
    2. Tree is available and accessible where it wasn’t in Genesis.
    3. There is no natural light in the Revelation garden for God’s glory illumines everything, where the sun and the moon illuminated the garden in Genesis.

Oh to live in the presence of God, surrounded by his glory.  What an undeserved gift made available in Christ.


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