Thoughts worthy of reflection

I am leading a sunday school class through the Book of Zechariah and in preparation for the class, I am reading a number of works: Iain Duguid’s EP commentary, Thomas Moore’s commentary from the time of the puritans and a few other works.  But the one that i am reading today is by G.H. Kersten.  he was a Dutch pastor in the earlier and mid decades of the 1900’s.  His book, The Night Visions of Zechariah, has been very pastoral in style.  Sure, he appears to be overly allegorical in his interpretation, there are some wonderful nuggets and very encouraging in its homiletic tone.  One of these nuggets worth pondering is found in his discussion of Zech 1:5.  Let me share it with you to consider and apply to the state of the western nations:

“A nation is given over to itself when God removes His servants, and then the time of conversion hastens to an end.” – pg. 31

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