The Prayer of Faith

The Prayer of Faith, according to David McIntyre, is the prayer that has been “brought into conformity with the mind of Christ.”  McIntyre then goes on to give 8 conditions for one to understand what it means to pray with the mind of Christ (The Hidden Life of Prayer, pg. 92-93).  They are:

  1. It is subject to the divine will: 1Jn 5:14
  2. It is restrained within the interest of Christ: Jn 14:13
  3. It is instructed in the truth: Jn 15:17
  4. It is energised by the Spirit: Eph 3:20
  5. It is interwoven with love and mercy: Mark 11:25
  6. It is accompanied with obedience: 1Jn 3:22
  7. It is so earnest that it will not accept denial: Luke 11:9
  8. It goes out to look for, and to hasten its answer: James 5:16 RV




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