Looking for a voter Guide for Washington State

Here are a few links to Voter Guides for those looking to make informed decisions:

http://www.washingtonvoterguides.com/index.asp?p=surveys  Just enter in a zipcode and street name to have all the races brought up.
http://eagleforum.www.capwiz.com/eagleforum/issues/  Will give you actual votes os US Reps and Senators currently sitting
https://wei.sos.wa.gov/agency/osos/en/Pages/OnlineVotersGuide.aspx  Here is the voters guide that was mailed out to everyone by the state.
http://www.cairseattle.org/images/main/docs/voters_guide2012/CAIR-WA_2012_WA_Muslim_Voter_Guide.pdf  This is the muslim voter guide which gives insight into the way candidates view a variety of issues.
http://www.myfreedomfoundation.com/index.php/site/PrintView/new_judicial_election_guide  Great guide on how and why judicial voting is important
http://c3.thevoterguide.org/v/bellingham12/index.do  This will give you 15 pages of questions and answers on each candidate
As I find other guides, I will add them here.

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