The Word is Living and Active (Institutes I.13.7)

“When God’s word is set before us in Scripture it would be the height of absurdity to imagine a merely fleeting and vanishing utterance, which, cast forth into the air, projects itself outside of God…” (John Calvin)

What is the Bible?  Is it a testimony to Christ?  Absolutely!  Is it a chronicle of God’s activity in history?  Certainly!  Is it treated lightly as though it has no lasting bearing now that Jesus has come in the flesh and the Spirit indwells the believer?  Heaven forbid it should be so lightly esteemed.

The Word of God is powerful and active.  IT is living because it is the very words of God to the universe.  God doesn’t create dead, lifeless things, he creates living beings.  He speaks and life begins.  He speaks and life is sustained.  Because God is, his words in Scripture must be relished, studied, obeyed and internalized.  He didn’t speak in times past merely for those words to cease to be potent and authoritative.  What he spoke in the past, He intends to fulfill and keep doing in the present and future.  Therefore, God’s people are well advised to cherish the Word of God, not only as it points toward the Living Son but also as it can take root in our soul and lead us into holiness and righteousness by the wonderful working of the Holy Spirit as he applies it to our lives.


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