Heidelberg Catechism Q.121

Q.121. Why the words
“in heaven”?

A.  These words teach us not to think of God’s heavenly majesty as something earthly, and to expect everything needed for body and soul from God’s almighty power.


If the words, Our Father, are meant to declare God’s caring concern and to outline the close relationship that exists between believers and their Maker, the words, in heaven, remind us that our Father is also the most supreme and powerful of all beings.  Though we are made in his image, he is not a bigger version of us.  He is completely different.  He is the one who sees and knows all.  He is he ever-present, all-powerful one who cause things are not to become things that are.  He gives life and takes it away.  He is God Almighty and he reigns in heaven.  Read Jeremiah 23:23-24 and Psalm 139.


Because God is in heaven we are reminded and assured that all things come from his hands.  He is the giver or all gifts.  Everything originates in him.  We do not offer him anything that he needs, rather he offers us everything and in response we offer ourselves to him in worship.  Read Acts 17:24-25.


Read Matthew 6:25-34.  Because Our Father is in heaven we do not need to worry and fret about the troubles of life.  Our Father is able to work in and through each and every situation to meet our needs and refine our lives.  He is more powerful than the greatest trials we face and can sustain us through each and every one.  Let us thank God for his presence in the heavenly realms and how that makes the needs of earth easy for him to meet.


Is there anything, which our heavenly father wont give to his children?  Absolutely not, he has given us his son, he has given us his Spirit, and he has given us life and forgiveness.  There are the greater things, the harder things to grant, but these are ours.  Therefore the little things, the easier things must be ours as well.  Read Romans 8:31-32.


Read Psalms 73:21-28.  Our father is the very object of our desire.  He alone is one our side and he alone can right our wrongs.  He is gracious and compassionate and we know that running into his presence is good.  Let us never leave his house.


Because our Father dwells in heaven, we can be assured that our salvation is secure and can never spoil or fade.  He is holding us secure in his hands and will not let of be lost.  Read 1Peter 1:3-5.

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