The replay of Genesis 3

We all have motivations and they are powerful forces that drive us to act. Unfortunately, as humans we frequently allow our motivations to convince us of the need to meet our own desires for hunger, beauty and station in life.  The story of the fall displays what happens when people seek to meet their own needs apart from a radical trust in God as the giver and provider of all that is need.  Such failure to take our motivations to God and to rely upon his answers to life results in a driving away from the Lord, but Thanks be to God that Jesus displays the exact opposite reality in his ministry, life and death.  Christ relied completely upon the Lord and his word and though he certainly desired food, wonder and great station in life (Matthew 4) he submitted to the perfect timing of God.  Let us praise God for our savior who alone could live a perfect life, but also let us strive to take all our desires to the Lord and entrust them to his perfect word.


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pastor of Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, WA
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