The Replay of Philippians 3:17-4:1

Paul grieved the sin of selfish independence.  Those caught in this way of living are subjected to the curse of needing to provide for their own needs, lusts and desires strictly in the temporal world.  They are ruled by what they see and feel.  But as Christians, we are ruled by the Spirit of Christ and we do not live in this world.  On the contrary we are citizens of heaven and because of this, we live wanting to see the reign of God extended.  And this means living selflessly dependent upon Christ.  Paul outlines 9 characteristics of people who are selfless and whose lives should be copied in the book of Philippians. They are people:

  1. of prayer
  2. who Defend the gospel
  3. that are Joy filled
  4. are Selfless
  5. Humbly serve
  6. Do not complain in their life
  7. who are Growing in their knowledge of Christ and what it means to suffer with him
  8. who have a Growing awareness of their lack of fleshly power
  9. that Persevere in these actions 

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pastor of Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, WA
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