The Replay of Eph 6:4

Fathers are called to bring their children up in the training and instruction of the Lord.  Nowhere do we find a clear example of what the looks like in practical terms although the life of Jonadab (2 Kings 10 and Jer 35) gives us an interesting commentary on what it might look like.  Jonadab raise his family counter culturally – they were nomadic and forbidden to drink – and it appears these “rules” were the means by which his descendants kept themselves from idolatry and false worship.

So the main question for fathers is what kind of culture am i creating for my family and will that culture stand the test of time to create a genealogy that will worship God truly?

(The only true father to exist in the Scriptures is God the Father who gives of himself in Christ to love and redeem.  He gives of himself in the Spirit to guide and convict and he always speaks words of encouragement, affirmation and love to his people while calling them to repentance and faith.)


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