You have permission to live passionately for Christ

“Permission to live for Him with passion at this very moment springs forth from the passion that will be required of us when His glory is fully revealed.”

This quote from Christ is All!, pg. 18 is an excellent reminder that the ultimate end of the Christian life will be spent in joy filled adoration of the Lamb of God.  Every reading of the worship of Jesus in the New Heaven and New Earth brings out how much passion, energy and fervency is present as the cherubim and seraphim bow down and sing “Holy, Holy, Holy.”  Add to this the nature of every believer bowing down and casting their crowns at the foot of the cross and we see a world living and loving the Savior.

If this is our ultimate end, why not start practicing now by passionately living for Christ and proclaiming his rule through word and deed.  You have permission to live passionately for Christ!


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pastor of Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, WA
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