The Replay of John 13:1-13

We are called to serve one another as a way enjoying the blessings of Christ.  This is really an easy thing to do but we shy away from it and avoid service to God and others because it is humbling and strikes at our pride.  However, Christ commands that we serve one another.

Why would we do this?  If the command isn’t enough, then the context in which we find the command may provide additional encouragement for obedience.  John sets the majority of Jesus’ teaching in the context of the last supper.  Because of this, John is trying to communicate the following message: To understand Jesus’ teachings you must look at them in the context of his coming death and resurrection.

The death of Christ was a supreme act of service, it was a humbling of his own will to the will of the Father in order to save humans.  Consequently, the image of foot-washing becomes an illustration of Christ’s own humbling service to God.  Jesus had to lay everything aside in order to save people.  When we serve, we are following in the footsteps of Christ and our pride is laid aside so that the Father can continue washing and cleansing us of all that gets in the way.

May you go and serve another today and see the cleansing work of Christ in your life.


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pastor of Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, WA
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