Micah 7:1-7 Christmas Eve – Waiting for God our Savior

v. 1 Woe to me!  What misery is mine!

  • Nothing good is in the land.
  • Like hungry man in field, but no food there.  Me in squash fields, but no butternuts
  • Says this b/c

v.2  Godly swept from the land

  • Godly – those live in devotion to God.  Carry out Law
  • Human interactions like predator-prey.
  • Br’er Rabbit.  People at home in the briers/thorns
  • Relish watching countrymen get ripped/torn

v.3 Rehearsal of earlier charges.  Same things going on today.

v.4 Day of watchmen has come, day God visits you

  • Judgment has come.  Micah says that b/c Assyria/Babylon are on the doorstep.
  • But have you considered that the advent, the coming of Christ is a form of judgment?
  • Says the world is messed up.  Needs God’s intervention to fix
  • When Christ came he judged the human condition as bereft, without hope on its own
  • Came to judge our sin as utterly sinful.
  • Romans 1:28-32

v. 7 I watch in hope…I wait for God my savior…will hear me.

  • Why does Micah have hope judgment is coming
  • Understood that Savior was going to enter into the corruption, in order to lament the violence he saw
  • Not just lament, but to suffer under it
  • Not just to suffer under it, but to redeem humanity from it by judging all the sin of the world as sinful, crucifying it to the world
  • Look to one who can give new hearts, save you from sin, bring you from death to eternal life

J.C. alone judged sin and promised life in his body could conquer all the death of this world and allow people to live in presence of God in right devotion to the God.

  • Godly one devoted to God brought back to the land.  Emmanuel. God with us.
  • Carried out the Law.  Not one jot or tittle pass…
  • Became sin for us, so we become Righteousness of God
  • Incarnated so we could see God himself
  • Seen me, seen the father
  • Came so that we would have an audience before God, always able to be heard when we cry out Have mercy on me a sinner
  • Interceding for our best


On Christmas eve, when the pain of life, violence of society, or even your own personal reflection reminds you that not only do you live in the br’er patch, but you are the Br’er patch, remember that Your hope to is found in Elohim Yeshua, God the Savior, and his name is Jesus Christ.


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