The Replay of Micah 6:1-8

In the form of a lawsuit, using legal language God summons creation to hear the complaints of the people of Israel and to listen to the verdict that is rendered.  The mountains and the hills will then decide the case.  That is the setting we find in Micah 6.  The people are eager to learn what will get God off their backs.  What will appease him and allow them to live life however they choose: high quality offerings, high quantity offerings, or special possessions.

But thankfully God isn’t interested in any of these.  in fact he isn’t even interested in their question.  Rather than responding to how they can get him off their back, he responds by reminding them of their salvation and the wonderful miracles he wrought.  After this he tells them that the proper response to a covenantal relationship is not to ignore God, but to seek relationship with him and others as redeemed people.  That relationship will fulfill the requirements of the law, practice grace and be lived in humility.

  1. Do you joyfully live into the moral law of God as a thankful expression for his salvation?
  2. Do you love to extend grace to others? Do you love serving others in their need and seeking out their best interests?
  3. Do you know that none of the above can secure your salvation?  It has been won by Christ.

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pastor of Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, WA
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