The Replay of Micah 5:5-15

God is out to subdue the world and he is doing that through his remnant people known as the church.  They have a 2-pronged mission in the world.  First, they are to be a blessing like dew from the Lord.  As the rains never stop in Northwest Washington and that moisture brings vibrant color and lush vegetation, so the presence of God’s people in the world is a blessing bringing refreshment to those around.  But the church is also a lion on the prowl, decrying sin and proclaiming the need for repentance.  Such a ministry is not appreciated nor enjoyed by the world, but it is a ministry that must never stop.  For it is this very ministry of condemning sinful behavior and attitudes that brings the waters of refreshment, and it is this ministry that causes the church to maul and mangle all who are practicing such sinful behavior.  Rejoice that you have been called to such a wonderful 2 pronged ministry.

But God is also in the process of subduing his own people.  He is not content to conquer the world and leave his people trusting in things other than himself. Neither is he content to leave them living unholy lives and so he promises that just as he will subdue the world, so he will also subdue his people and remove every trace of idolatry from their lives. Rejoice that the Lord will not leave you as you are.


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pastor of Hope in Christ Church, Bellingham, WA
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