The Replay of Micah 4:9-13

Just because we are Christians doesn’t mean that life will be easy and without pain.  Micah reminds the covenant people that even though God has promised them a glorious future with the coming of the Messiah, they still must live in the present and that present is going to be full of pain and suffering as the nations gather against Israel seeking her defeat.

nevertheless, even in the pain, God gives them another piece of hope.  The nations don’t understand God’s ways.  They may succeed in overpowering God’s people for a while, but ultimately God is in control and he will call his people to thresh the nations and rule over them.  The Israel of God will devote all the earth to the glory of the Lord.  Such is our hope today when hardship and pain comes – they will not have the last word, nor will the enemies of God.  Rather, God rules from on high and he cares for his people.  Be assured difficulties will come but also be assured God is always victorious.

You can read the sermon here or listen to it here.


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